Downlink has always been much more than the spacesuit wearing alien you see as part of Destroid. His production chops and experience can be tracked back to the very beginning of the heavy Bass Music, and this week he shares some of his favorites from his record box. There’s a diverse selection of tracks from Jakwob and False Panic to his own VIPs and unreleased tracks, which can only be heard at home if you have a video rip.

Don’t hate us for breaking that news- instead, go see Downlink at a show near you!

Downlink – Bass War
This unreleased drumstep song by me is the perfect way to start my sets off. It’s got an epic intro that drops into an energetic rising bassline that kicks things off with a bang.

Downlink – Mosh Pit
More unreleased music here so you won’t be able to check it out unless you find a cell phone vid on youtube or better yet, come see me live on tour! Squelchy dubstep that is engineered to incite a mosh pit. Dangerous shit!

Downlink’s Top Track Picks (released)

Minnesota & G Jones – Thunderdome
Here’s a headier one that gets those true festival kids moving and still maintains enough of a heavy vibe that it often works its way into my sets.

False Panic – Horizon (Spag Heddy RMX)
Spag has been really turning some heads as of late with his mastery of Serum and clever bass work. We were happy to have him lend a hand to the Uplink Audio squad with this massive remix for one of our main guys. He smashed it!

Decimal Bass – Work For Nothing
Halftime dnb stomper that gets all the dubstep kids moving. I love this because it doesn’t feel like drum n bass but it still has that energy to it.

Jakwob – Detox
A truly timeless piece in my books. It came out a few years ago but still sounds fresh today. One of those tunes I always get asked about.

Kriss Kross – Jump (Hexes & Willy Joy Bootleg)
I remember the original from back in the 90’s and that fans were actually showing up to school with their jeans on backwards. All jokes aside, this little bootleg is BIG. It always gets an audible vocal reaction from the crowd when it drops with that huge sub with the gangster lead synth over top of it.

Krimer – Blow Up
This Montreal native caught my ear with this tune and have since been playing lots of his tunes. I can’t wait to play the new song he and I just finished this week on the Blood, Sweat & Bass tour 😉

Downlink & Twofold – Darkside VIP
Fans loved the original so we decided to put together a proper VIP. It’s gnarlier, more twisted and dare I say even heavier than the original. Not for the weak.

Downlink & Samplifire – Misty VIP
Another VIP of a massively popular tune in my sets. When I heard the original I loved it and made a bit of an edit. Samplifire heard it and was like “hey dude, lets actually make a VIP!” The rest is history.

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