Police departments around the country heard Las Vegas’ shooting loud and clear. One such department that has already begun preparations to prevent such a tragedy from occurring is Miami’s Police department. The department’s acting chief Jorge Colina has expressed that he is “Incredibly saddened by the images on TV and horrified as well.” Upon learning more about the story on the news, the department has some work on their hands in preventing a similar situation from occurring at outdoor venues such as Bayfront Park, where Ultra Music Festival will be held in March.

“It’s something to consider now that we meet with the folks from Ultra since you mention it and we will speak specifically about some issues,” Colina said. “In the past, we have talked about putting people place as spotters on rooftops of buildings in close proximity and this is always something to keep in mind.”

Despite the fact that there was only one assailant inside Mandalay Bay, the potential amount of injuries and possible deaths would have been much higher if there was one or multiple additional gunmen inside other floors of the hotel. The Miami Police department will be assessing the best way to respond to gunmen in every potential building around the park and other venues.

“We live at a time where you have to be on guard at all times,” Colina said. “If you see something, say something, and with this slogan, we are asking people to come forward and we depend on people to call the cops and Homeland Security. Pay attention to what your surroundings are, what you see in your neighborhood, what people are saying and what their responses are. There’s always indications, always indications, where people say, ‘I wished I had called 911.’ We would rather be called and be nothing than to risk what happened in Las Vegas.”


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