Dr. Bentz has made quite the career chance. While pursuing his work and study in naturopathic medicine, Bentz saw himself feeling a little unfulfilled. Sitting on over 25 unreleased hip hop and rap tracks at the time, Dr. Bentz saw it to be turning point in life to pursue his ultimate dream, his music project and entertainment.

“It just didn’t feel right. Getting to this stage of my life without releasing the 25 plus tracks I had been sitting on that had been percolating over the past couple years….You know you can have your career”, he continues… “and you can have passion for your career & even be great at your career… but then you can have an even deeper passion inside you, driving you… that should never be ignored, but needs to be acknowledged, listened to, nurtured, and developed” – Dr. Bentz

And so, Dr. Bentz jumped right in head first. His latest release, ‘Risin’ Up’ shows that the artist took a big risk to pursue a career in music. Dr. Bentz has networked his way into the biz working with prominent and respected figures in the including J Staffz, whose affiliations run with Wiz Khalifa, and David Snow, whose worked with Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. Having just bursted onto the scene, Dr. Bentz’ ‘Risin’ Up’ single needs a bit of work. Although the production is there, it seems as though Dr. Bentz is still finding his rhythm and flow throughout the song. The lyrics seem to pay homage to his critical life decision to pursue his passion in music. The passion is definitely there, but time will tell how he is able to work on his craft.

Check out ‘Risin’ Up’ down below

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