Back with his third studio album under his minimalistic, percussion-intensive techno project, Gaiser unveils ‘III’. Out now on Richie Hawtin’s MINUS imprint, Gaiser shows us his current developments as a producer, showcasing sultry basslines and dark undertones. Currently on tour, Gaiser has debuted his most recent live sets in Miami during Miami Music Week and is set to take the rest of the nation by storm with hi-res, depth-defying visuals to accompany his new productions. Read our interview down below as we dive deeper into the mind of Gaiser.

GDE: It’s been 3 years since you released ‘False Light’, what does ‘III’ mean for Gaiser’s development as a musical project?

Gaiser: It’s my fourth studio album, but No Sudden Movements was released in 2012 under my different alias ‘VOID’. This is my third studio album that I’m putting out as Gaiser, so that’s the reason behind calling it III. I guess with each album I’m trying to expand on my story and this album is just the next chapter in a sense.

GDE: Are there any new production elements you were exploring for ‘III’?

Gaiser: I get bored really easily, so I’m constantly pushing myself to create new and unique sounds that become the defining focal point of each track. I really don’t want to repeat ideas and record something similar to a previous track in a new version. So I always keep experimenting, and try to give a new approach to every idea until I find something that stands out with its own individual character.

There are so many new pieces of gear and sound tools being developed every day, and I get so much inspiration by testing and experimenting with them to create something new and unique. It’s a constant process and you’re learning something new every day. I love it.

GDE: Your visuals and album teaser video have a lot of our readers very excited. Without giving away too many details, what can fans look forward to with your upcoming live shows?

Gaiser: While I’m on tour, I’m always brainstorming new ideas of how to make the live show more of a complete experience, bringing both the audio and visual together to create a unified and immersive atmosphere. The objective is to create a living, breathing visual experience that will flow together with the audio in a way that represents to your eyes what your ears are hearing. It’s really important to have a proper visual representation that fits well, and has the same feeling of the music to create an atmosphere that is greater than the sum of its parts. I’ve been looking to develop a live visual aspect of the show for a long time and I’m happy that with Ahmet we are able to achieve this. A properly executed visual representation of the audio can take the entire experience to the next level of the senses. At least we have 2 of the senses covered, and for a live show it’s not really possible to attempt taste, touch, and smell.


GDE: There are those like myself, who were familiar with your name thanks to Richie Hawtin, but were never aware until recently that you have a rather extensive background in music. Like for instance, you have strong roots in punk rock as a drummer. Do you find yourself reminiscing those days and are you still active in that area at all?

Gaiser: I believe that the understanding of all music, no matter what the genre, can only enrich the production experience altogether. Studying classical music and learning scales and chords early in life has definitely helped me later on, when it came time to work with MIDI and sequencers in the studio. And studying percussion and playing drums has helped me to balance out the non-melodic side of production with programming drums and percussion. Everything you learn when it comes to music can be very beneficial in one way or another, no matter what kind of music it is you are playing. Music is a universal language and so many things are based on the same principles just being applied in a different way. I think my involvement with so many types of music has helped me to define my own take on each individual style. Enjoying different styles of music is like food… you wouldn’t want to eat the same thing everyday.

GDE: It’s been a little over a decade since you’ve been with MINUS, how has being with a record label like since basically the start of Gaiser helped you grow as an artist?

Gaiser: Minus has been my natural home from the beginning. Not only from the artistic side, but the overall support and inspiration of working with good friends is priceless. The sound of Minus has been made up of artists that each have their own unique and individual style, and these different styles work together to form a label identity that is entirely diverse, but unified in its way of thinking.

GDE: Do you have closing remarks at all about the album or anyone you’d like to send thanks to?

Gaiser: This album is a good representation of where I’m at, and where I’m going. It just felt right to create the next chapter that was a further development of my sound, and expand upon my world with some memorable moments.

Gaiser’s ‘III’ is out now, purchase it HERE.

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