Ron Hippe, Jan Ciganik, Chip Reno, and Dennis McCoy form the Seattle-based rock group Gumshen. They’re known for their various styles that fuse together the sounds vibrant electronic rhythms with today’s pop and even go back to ever nostalgic classic synth rock feels. Drawing from various influences that range from the darker tones of Pink Floyd to the powerful funky attitude of Chromeo, Gumshen has been pushing their music since 2007.

Their latest song, Fallacy, comes to us with an accompanying, artistic music video produced by the band and Michael Cozzi that captures a sinking void in most people’s minds, bodies, and souls. A question in all our heads of why we are really here in the first place? Do we even have purpose in this world? ‘Fallacy’ takes you on a pensive, emotional journey that provokes a sinking feeling of despondency when a negative truth answers who we actually are and what we mean actually hits you in the face. It’s not for the light-hearted, but more with those that can embrace the roller coaster that life can dish out. Ride out the highest highs and push through the lowest lows because at the end of the day we all have to face the music.

The music video attempts to capture Hippe’s vision of ‘Fallacy’, where the themes of song take form in a visual representation. The LED lights jettisoning out of Ron’s Hippe chest is a external, visual representation of the human heart. We throw ourselves out there constantly in hopes of attaining a higher level of understanding and connection with others, and yet life always seems to throw ‘Fallacy’ curveballs at us with the real happenings of regret, defeat, and reflections.

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