2020 began with the glorious news that Duck Sauce was reuniting. The EDM community quickly blew up with excitement as we haven’t seen this famous duo DJ together in many years, 6 to be exact. We didn’t know when, and we didn’t know where, but we knew something was in the works, and that was enough for a grand start to the year. Musings began: will they be at HARD? EDC Vegas? Coachella? (Which, we found out the next day, was a satisfying yes). The possibilities were endless.

Duck Sauce’s Twitter, which has been quiet for some time, tweeted out a photo with the simple caption: “see you all here next week.”

Are we getting singles? An EP? No one knows, but we are excited for the return and to see what other treats this duo has in store for us.

See the announcement below. The art is complete with rubber duckies in gold jackets and a record player spinning some psychedelic art.

What do you think Duck Sauce has in store for us?

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