This next EP comes straight from the fiery sound booths of Minneapolis. The 4-track EP contains two originals by DYR and eclectic remixes from Jessica Bellomo and Axel Sundelin. Their unique twists add depth to an already fire homage to 2000s rave music. You’ll hear sounds of early acid house and tech-house throughout the EP, taking you on a musical journey to the past with modern production flares.

How might the EP pay homage to the older styles you may ask? Well DYR utilized the legendary Yamaha RS7000 vintage synthesizer to curate the sounds you’ll find all to familiar. Its the ultimate groove production system that producers from all over the globe worth their salt love to use and offer producers a wide variety of production tricks to create the sounds we love to dance to.

Listen to ‘U’re Guay, Vol 36’ down below!

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