GDE: Hey Tim, welcome to Global Dance Electronic! Can you introduce yourself to our readers & share some insight on your journey into the music industry?

TIM: Hey Guys! My name is Tim, I’m from Hamburg Germany and started producing electronic music in 2012. I had a rough start in the industry with several projects failing, but since I started focusing on myself with TIM PLVNK at Vibekingz, things kind of began to work out better for me. I got signed by Universal Music in 2020 and reached several million streams since then. COVID held everyone back with live performances, but we managed to build our own little underground night-club for some live streams at twitch and crazy parties. I think it was the best thing we could do during the pandemic.

GDE: Congratulations on your new single ‘SHAWTY’, can you tell us about the inspiration behind the track?

TIM: With ‘SHAWTY’ the aim was to make a deep beat which works in night clubs as well as in radio stations. Inspired by Tiësto and Topic, we aimed for a groovy beat and catchy vocals.

GDE: Is this the first time you’ve signed to Virgin Records, Germany?

TIM: We have already released some tracks together such as ‘SOMEBODY’, ‘GET IT ON TONIGHT‘ & ‘COOKIE DOUGH’. And the whole journey started with my hit single ‘I JUST WANT YOU’.

GDE: When it comes to your production process, what comes first – the vocal, melody or something else?

TIM: I always start with the beat. It’s my favorite part and always guides me true the vibe of the track. When I set the vibe its easier for me to write the vocals and vocal melody.

GDE: What one word best describes the TIM PLVNK sound?

TIM: Meloose. I kind of cheated there. But melodic and loose would describe the sound perfectly.

GDE: In terms of a key moment in your artistic journey to date, what stands out the most?

TIM: Releasing ‘I JUST WANT YOU’. We got huge support from AJ Ramos (a Spotify curator) which pushed our track to over 1 Million streams in under 8 weeks – and that track was only my second release. From that point onwards we had the attention needed for bigger deals.

GDE: If you could collaborate with any other producer right now, who would they be & why?

TIM: Martin Garrix. I’m a huge fan. His sound is amazing and ‘Animals’ kind of kicked me into producing music.

GDE: Finally looking ahead into the remainder of your year, any exclusive news you can share with our readers?

TIM: New underground parties getting hosted soon and new music probably in May/June. I’m planning a whole new marketing campaign for this one. You will hear from me and my team for sure! Meanwhile, I prepared a Spotify playlist with my favorite tracks. Feel free to tune in to my sound world. ‘MACH DICH LOGGER’ aka ‘get loose’.

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