Pendulum just released two new tracks to keep us excited for the group’s latest album in a decade. In addition to the massively hyped ID “Nothing For Free,” they put out a hype DnB instrumental called “Driver.” The classic bass sounds we know from them retain their versatile flair, complemented by a dark, epic breakdown with an explosive payoff. Any fan curious as to whether or not the band will address their roots on this upcoming LP will be delighted to hear this release. We’re likely to hear plenty of songs like it when the album finally releases, but that won’t be for a while as the band has something else in mind as they plan to drop an EP first before a new album.

Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen recently spoke with NME about their new tracks and what’s on the horizon

Would you say that these two tracks are representative of other stuff you’ve been working on?

Gareth: “It’s all quite different.”

Rob: “It’s representative of what we’re happy to show to people. There’s a lot of different shit, and some stuff where we thought, ‘If we liked Pendulum, that would be shit’ so we scrapped it. The next EP coming out after this sounds pretty different to this stuff too.”

What’s coming next? Is there an album on the horizon?

Rob: “We’re planning to come up with another EP after this one, then maybe try to come up with some Knife Party music or do an onslaught of tracks. It’s pretty open right now, which is one of the benefits of the pandemic.”


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