GDE: Hey both! Thanks for joining us here at Global Dance Electronic, how has 2020 been treating you so far?

[Yence505] Hi, thank you for having us! Despite everything going on in the world today, 2020 hasn’t been too bad. Family and friends are all ok, work hasn’t suffered too much either. I wish everybody the best for the remaining of the year and beyond, hoping we can return to things being normal.

[Nathassia] Hi, great to be back! I have to say 2020 has actually been treating me surprisingly well.. The biggest surprise was that the video for my last single “Change The World” with D3FAI (which was made during quarantine) made it to the Club MTV top 20 and was playlisted for several months on Club MTV, MTV Dance International and Clubland TV. During lockdown I have been live-streaming and chatting to my lovely fans all over the world weekly from my Boudoir in my house which was so much fun. I also took the opportunity to get into DJ-ing and perform/livestream my Goddess Is A DJ mix which I loved doing so much, and I now already have my own monthly Goddess Is A DJ show on Di.FM EDM Festival Channel!

GDE: We’re loving your euphoric new single ‘The Edge’ – can you tell us little about how the collaboration came about?

[Yence505] Awesome to hear you enjoy “The Edge”! Last year, Eddie Gordon from brought me into contact with Nathassia and Bruce Elliott-Smith, to see if we could work together on a new project. Great idea, as it turns out, resulting in our new single.

[Nathassia] That’s right and it’s good because Yence and I are both Dutch but we had never met before! Thanks to Eddie for yet another great introduction.

GDE: Is this the first time you’ve worked together?

[Yence505] “The Edge” is our very first collab, but certainly not the last! Nathassia’s vocals are amazing and I hope many more collabs will follow.

[Nathassia] Thank you Yence, the feeling is mutual and I can’t wait to see what more gems we will create.

GDE: Can you tell us a little about how you came to sign ‘The Edge’ to Hands In The Air?

[Yence505] I’ve been releasing tracks and remixes on Hands In The Air records for a while. While working on The Edge, it evolved into a style that fits this label very well. I pretty much decided halfway the production I would send it to Hands In The Air Rec first. George (HAI) aka GAR accepted the track right away and plans for release and promotion started pretty quick after that. HAI rec is the place to be for both progressive house and more traditional sounding trance, definitely a label that deserves a bigger audience!

[Nathassia] And thanks to Yence for introducing me to GAR, he is a great guy and as a matter of fact we are now actually working on a collab on one of his melodic progressive tracks!

GDE: Any remixes planned on the track?

[Yence505] Definitely, a few are already finished and more are being worked on! They will release later this year, possibly in 2 parts.

[Nathassia] I CAN’T WAIT!

GDE: With clubs slowly starting to re-open, do you have any up & coming dates you can tell us about?

[Yence505] Nathassia is the face of the project, as she is not only an awesome vocalist, she’s also a great dj! No doubt she can give you all the details!

[Nathassia] Here’s a virtual hug to Yence! I am really looking forward to the return of live music and music festivals, I am booked to perform live at Lollapalooza festival Argentina with D3FAI which has now been postponed to November, fingers crossed! And hopefully who knows it would be great if Yence and me could perform maybe a Dutch club tour!

GDE: Any future collaborations & plans on working together again in the pipeline?

[Yence505] Nathassia already recorded the vocals for our new track and I’m working on the production as we speak. Release will be in the near future.

[Nathassia] I’m really looking forward to working with Yence again on our 2nd single, I am also working on a follow up with D3FAI and as I previously mentioned with GAR.

GDE: And finally, any other exciting news you can share with us both?

[Yence505] A couple of exciting new remixes I made are coming out next few weeks as well as a few releases on D-Force records under my alias Lucas Dooley. A new trance album is in the making too, hopefully ready by the end of year and somewhere later this year, a new collab with Emphavoice releases as well, also on D-Force records!

[Nathassia] I am excited to build up my Goddess Is A DJ show further and monthly livestream, as well as working on a new artist album by the end of the year, plus I am due to shoot a big music video in October!

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