‘The Wall’ is a 5-track EP by Philadelphia-based electropop artist, David Thompson. Infectiously catchy and will have you hearing similar sounds to that of Dan Deacon, Kraftwerk, and the Talking Heads. Partly influenced by the happenings brought about by the Covid pandemic, the light, bubbly indie pop production has a shadow of darker meanings and twists with some of the lyrics you’ll hear throughout the EP. ‘Time’ and ‘The Wall’ will have you bouncing up and down with the speakers on full blast in the confines of your room, while ‘This Goon Can’t and ‘Clair’ take your audio experience through a calmer, chiller soundscape.

When he isn’t writing and producing music, David Thompson is an activist for workers’ right. He helped start the Philly Tenants Union and Philly Workers for Dignity. When he leaves his bureaucrat day job, music takes up most of his time. Through a series of various music projects, most unfinished and others labeled as failures, ‘The Wall’ was curated before the pandemic hit, but now has taken on a bigger meaning in how we as a society function today.

Check out ‘The Wall’ down below!

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