It is almost October, which means the wild year that 2020 has been is almost over. Already looking forward to 2021 and hopefully some return of normalcy and the lives we used to live, events are popping up and tickets are going on sale.

Jamie Jones just announced Paradise Trippin’, a brand new event going down in Las Vegas during Fall 2021. He dropped a hint of a teaser today on social media, along with the link to sign up for more information. Here’s what we do know: the event is taking place in Las Vegas and is a 5-day takeover from October 28th to November 2nd. A Full week of parting? We hope all you ravers can keep up. While there is no lineup information either, Jamie Jones promised something huge.

To sign up and be the first to know, click here. See the teaser announcement below. Who do YOU want to see make this lineup? Let us know!

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