Hilariously enough, we’ve made it to the point in which those who DIDN’T make it to EDC may have caught more of the festival than those traversing the grounds. Between the Sirius XM radio broadcasts and official Red Bull stream, there’s plenty of music for everyone to dig into.

We did some detective work and found a multitude of sets from every stage; from the futuristic melodies of Illenium to the feel good vibes of Martin Solveig, even further left field to the unique style that Rezz has to deliver. It may take you a little bit to get through all these, and we recommend talking your time to both enjoy the music and save the songs that fit in your life’s playlist. No rush…we have about 361ish days to catch up till the next one.

EDC Las Vegas 2017 DJ Sets:

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  1. Savage loccz

    Jst a guys who loves to make his face look like he jst smelled some piss to some filthy drops 😎😝😏


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