Security and local law enforcement were widespread at this year’s EDC Las Vegas, with several felony and misdemeanor arrests made over the weekend. About 282 individuals were ejected over the weekend, with 95 arrests.

Police made 38 felony arrests — all but four of which were narcotics-related — in the late hours of Sunday night and early Monday morning. Last year, there were a record 40 arrests on the final EDC day.

Sunday’s tally is up from Saturday’s 28 felony arrests. Police also made three misdemeanor arrests Sunday and handed out six misdemeanor citations, a news release said. Four DUIs were issued.

This year’s medical call numbers totaled almost double from last year with an average of more than 300 per day. There has only been one fatality reported out of the 1,090 medical calls made at the time of this article was written. The 34-year-old man who died was said to have passed out from heat related issues, but an official coroners report has not been released yet.


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