EDC UPDATE! EDC LAS VEGAS will be going, you guessed it, VIRTUAL! It has just been announced that on May 15th – 17th there will be Virtual EDC held in honor of the postponed event. Pasquale and his team have created such unique and captivating live streams already. Dedicated to giving back to the rave community by keeping us together through music as we stay apart from each other physically.

Insomniac once again has not only set the standard of live stream quality and popularity but again and again continues to not only topple over its competitors but themselves, improving each live stream. We have experienced such virtual rave-a-thons such as Virtual Beyond, Hard Summer, Nocturnal, Escape, and recently Middlelands. How are they going to one-up themselves on this one? So far not too many details have been dropped but we do know that, like EDC, there will be multiple stages, exclusive interviews with artists, multiple channels and so much more.

So keep that weekend free still on your calendar because we are still going to rave on till the sun comes up! This year it will just so happen to be in our backyards instead of the 1.5-mile racetrack. Tune in on tv.insomniac.com for more details and to stay up to date on EDC details.


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