Eric Ezra is a Cincinnati one man band, who’s making waves with his new album, Amphibian. A 10-track album of various jams that Eric has recorded on his own. Out now on Stay Venomous Records, Amphibian is fit for any rocker who can appreciate pure instrumentation. Ezra keeps the mood suspenseful with mesmerizing guitar riffs and pulsating basslines and percussion leaving you in a state of trance. You’ll find influences of grunge, hard rock, and metal as you’re swept with waves of emotions.

“The album amphibian is just a collection of bangers I wrote. There is some conceptual significance about the first track being called amphibian because it sounds like a monster walking through a swamp but other than that it’s just a lot of music. The song titles are just associations with concepts that songs sounded like to me.”

Previously a part of various rock bands, Eric Ezra has set out on his own as a solo recording artist who plays all the instruments himself. Electronic music production seems to have opened the doors for Ezra to freely play and record his own signature sound that showcases an undeniable knack for music.

Check out Amphibian down below!

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