Back down the dystopian, dark wave hole we go with post-indie rock Berliner, K4lt. Under the pseudonym for the German word for cold, K4lt explores the dark and sometimes twisted tones of life. His new single The Room explores the deterioration of relationships as one crawls deeper and deeper into the absolute lonerism as our embrace with doom scrolling technology entrenches deeper and deeper into everyday life.

The song is about the experience of more and more of your friends (and probably yourself too a bit) turn into modern day hermits, giving up on parts of life like relationships or having fun in life at all. Just trying to make it without giving any efforts into what would make them truly happy. And the songwriter being afraid how that ends (reading the “list of deaths per year”). In the end the song is about not accepting this defeats and fighting to get up, be motivated (“up to interfere”).

K4LT’s music focuses on the universal feeling of being lost. A sort of ‘we’re just dust in the wind’ feeling, his music combines elements of ambient electronica, post-rock, doom metal, alternative and post-punk to create his own signature sound. While incorporating more electronic elements into his projects, K4LT layers his guitar instrumentation to take his music to the next level.

Listen to This Room (Reprise) down below!

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