Maui-based DJ/Producer, Gianfranco Pescetti, returns to our airwaves with a very special LP release, Daystar Nocturnal. An audio cut unlike the club-induced, heavy hitting dance floor rollers that you may be accustomed to on our site, Pescetti’s Daystar Nocturnal gives our listeners a fresh ethereal soundscape that really soaks up that Hawaiian sunshine. Transforming your imagination as you listen to the album, you truly feel like you’re driving up and down the coastal landscape of Maui. Tracks like Macchia, I’ll See You and Obsidian remind us of a Tycho sunrise Burning Man set with some of the most transcendent audio waves penetrating our ear drums.

“Music, for me, is something fluid. There has always been an ambivalence that I can’t get away from. “Daystar Nocturnal’ is my attempt to explore the depth of emotions and create a profoundly personal and evocative sound without conforming to the rigid specifications of a particular genre, all while keeping an eye to the dance floor.”

Gianfranco Pescetti has made it clear from the get go that this album is a diversion from his usual production candor and explores a more ambient style that we can all vibe out to. Nocturnal Sunshine has the ebb and flow of a force dancing between elements of the dark and light. Its yin yang demeanor is yet another accolade of Pescetti mastery and pursuit of perfection in audio design.

Daystar Nocturnal dropped in January 2024 and is available on all streaming platforms. Check it out down below!

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