Following the release of their latest single ‘Down Easy’, the DJ and producer duo Showtek unveil their new song ‘Momma’ which is set to be released on February 22nd.

The two brothers have been dominating the international dance scene for years with their distinctive party anthems and became a global phenomenon with millions of streams and countless platinum awards under their belt. They have been significantly involved in the releases of acts such as David Guetta, Major Lazer, and Tiësto.

Their new track ‘Momma’, with its unusual pop sound and the emotional vocals of Earl St. Clair, ventures into a new territory for Showtek. Taking a different musical direction, this bluesy track comes complete with crooning vocals and a cheeky message about keeping your life on track.

“We produced the dance version first and we knew we had a smash after the song was finished, but we felt that it has more potential by stripping it down. We know the pop version is very different than what we normally do, but we wanted to show people that we are able to do more than producing dance music.“

The track was written on Mother’s Day and is a tribute to the mothers and women all over the world, as it’s often forgotten how important they are and what role they play in life – a topic that is very important to the Dutch brothers. With the song, they want empower women and bring awareness to the hardships they have faced across the globe.

This is also the message they want to emphasize with the upcoming video for ‘Momma’. It involves the idea of three mothers: mother earth, the mothers of our children and our birth mothers, and the ways that men have hurt them throughout time. It addresses important relevant topics like the degrading environment, sexual abuse scandals, and conflict around the world.

“Momma” will be released on Friday, February 22nd, with the fascinating video to follow on March 8th.

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