San Diego’s Rad Cat has been accelerating on the path up to a bountiful career in Dance Music since his debut performance on the mainstage of CRSSD in 2017. Since then his fearless and blend of musical influences drew in thousands of listeners from around the country. Today sees the release of his newest single with Dylan Matthew, “Show Off.”

The track takes a dynamic journey, balancing a funky pace with an in your face lead synth, an eclectic selection of drums and some clever phrases from Matthew. “I’ve been counting down the days to finally release this,” says Rad Cat himself. It’s been one of my favorite tracks to make and it showcases the rad cat style very well. I hope you all enjoy it!” Enjoying it is an understatement; we’re probably going to be bumping this for several drives and pregames to come. 

You can streram the track now on your platform of choice.

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