Meet Alexamau5? Whatever you want to call it, the EDM Movement Youtube Channel simulated Deadmau5’s voice onto Amazon’s echo speaker as if he replaced the company’s AI servant Alexa. Hilariously enough, he makes for the worst assistant ever. A request to set up a timer is met with a reluctant “it isn’t time for breakfast yet” and a curious question of how tall Mt. Everest is met with “OH- I don’t know.” Plenty of other gems are present in the below video, get a few laughs below.

Ticket reselling are two words that cause most people headaches. The ever-present issue involving chunks of festival tickets essentially being stolen to be sold for a higher profit is absurd, and promoters, as well as law enforcement in several countries, have been hard at work to stop these crimes from happening. The UK just introduced a bill that will help put more of a stop to these practices: the Digital Economy Act would subject any scalper using bots to buy numerous tickets in order to exceed the minimum amount available for purchase to unlimited fines.

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