LA-based singer and songwriter, Little Warrior, presents her debut album, ‘Flight Risk’. An 11-track LP that dives deep into the genres of chill wave, R&B, and hip-hop. Her music is fresh and full of soul that honestly has our hearts melted. A voice of pure emotions that you’d probably catch a sunset time slot at Coachella. You’ll find a similar sound to artists such as Billie Eilish and Halsey, but an atmospheric vibe that is 100% Little Warrior.

“Little Warrior sounds like Portishead, Halsey & Lana Del Rey getting high around a campfire and talking about existentialism and love.” – Little Warrior’s bio

‘Back & Forth’ and ‘Never Let You Go’ will find you swaying your hips … well back and forth. Both of these tracks evoke the nostalgic feelings of being back in Indio for that well-sought after desert festival. The aggressive beat chiming in at track 4 for ‘Never Do’ clocks in as one of our personal favorite tracks. Minimal with the vocals, yet the repetitive chants provides a zen-like melancholy. ‘Turned to Never’ closes out the album with heart-wrenching love song that will have all her new fans singing the lyrics together in unison. Safe to say that we’re very excited to see where Little Warrior goes during these trying times of Covid.

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, music brought Little Warrior to sunny Southern California to pursue her passion in music. Her sound draws heavily upon influences from the more lax R&B styles and trip hop from the early 2000s. Her own personal flavor and twists are what make the artist you hear today in ‘Flight Risk’.

Listen to the album down below!

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