Championing a blend of electronic music elements with acoustic instrumentation comes Ottawa-based musician Electric Treatment Free. He debuted with a self-titled EP in May of 2020 consisting of 5 short and sweet tunes. Electric Treatment Free finds a free musical flow by incorporating complex guitar riffs and piano chords to create beautifully composed chaos. ‘maths’ and ‘andrei’s bright day’ provide the perfect example of a jazz-like approached to this electroacoustic sound. Scattered and seemingly all over the place, the songs’ complexion brings about a tameness of sorts that everything produced comes together.

Electric Treatment Free is the solo brainchild of Mark Uygur. The Ottawa resident of over 20 years has spent most of it diving deep into music. Whether its completing courses in music theory and composition or playing guitar in various bands, Electric Treatment Free has risen as culmination of the work and journey to get here.

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