Hailing from Perth, Australian is Captn K. A jack of many trades and musician, DJ/Producer, now that he’s found the time to dedicate to music. Recently, he put out this 6-track EP, ‘Salad Days’ to showcase his passion and interests in dance music. It’s a beautiful blend of lofi house, deep house and broken beats that really puts you in the mood to dance or miss the club scene.

“This is music for the lockdown generation. Inspired by the sounds the 90s house scene and the frustration over the state of things, a planet suffering and a people on the edge. Yearning for a new attitude, a variation on a theme, the ep pulls on those nostalgia strings. The end result has surprising parallels with love lost. However, the music is inspiring and warm. It’s sadness and happiness at the same time!”

You’ll hear a lot of nostalgia in Captn K’s tunes. With everyone suffering from the detrimental effects of Covid-19 and the economic lockdowns, it will surely have you missing the good ol’ days of hearing this sound at a club or music festival. Songs like ‘Try Harder’ and ‘Salad Days’ really warm the speakers with carefully produced lofi house tracks that will leave you with a big smile on your face. ‘City Tracking’ takes you down a deep house track with a dark, melancholy vocal and even darker bassline.

Captn K is a solo project with Nathan Nisbet behind the decks. With various musical influences, involvement with a few bands, and another solo project dedicated to acoustic and live instrumentation, Captn K is home to Nisbet’s love for dance music.

Listen to ‘Salad Days’ down below1

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