Lose yourself in a Labor Day Weekend groove to the silky-synth sounds of CamelPhat alongside Cristoph in Los Angeles at the El Pueblo Historical Monument.

We don’t know where CamelPhat hail from. We don’t know the first records they bought. We don’t know what they had for breakfast. We don’t know their names, their ages, their favorite colour or their shoe size. We don’t know if they can completely close their nostrils.

These are the facts we do know: They are a duo. They earned their stripes and studied dance music dynamics as resident DJs long before they produced. They rarely give interviews. They don’t leave the house without their trademark masks. They make authentic, timeless house music. They have enjoyed DJ support from their very first release in 2010 which has grown with every release.

This is your chance to see CamelPhat alongside Cristoph at the scenic El Pueblo Historical Monument on Saturday, September 4th for another Factory93 day to night on the dancefloor. Tickets On Sale Thursday, July 15, 2021, at 12:00PM


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