We all go to festivals because they are a fun escape from reality. We also understand that at these festivals there’s a lot of people who work hard to make them into the memorable experiences for the attendees. This is what makes the allegations coming from Moonrise festivals even more heartbreaking. According to Magnetic Mag and several posts by attendees on the Moonrise Festival Facebook group, several security guards were attempting to extort attendees for money and drugs. They would threaten to cut the wristbands and kick them out while also accepting money for people to jump the line. Moonrise hasn’t officially responded to these claims, but if these are proven to be true it’s a bad look for the festival.



Official statement from Moonrise Festival:

We are aware of the reports coming in about members of specific security teams on site acting in an unprofessional manner that would be considered unfair to our patrons and unfair to the event. We are taking these reports very seriously. We ask that anyone who had any issue with security personnel on site please contact us immediately at [email protected] with full details, including a description of the individual, what they were wearing, where the issue took place, and what happened. We have already begun an investigation with the management running each of the security teams on site. We will be addressing these issues as a whole internally and on a personal case-by-case basis with our fans.

This is not something we will be taking lightly; we spend countless hours on our security planning for this event in an effort to create a safe and comfortable environment for our fan base. We added additional management from our team to oversee the security and prevent these issues. Throughout the weekend we had management staff working to remove individuals from our security team who acted in a manner that was unprofessional. We are heartbroken to hear that our patrons were treated in a way that was less than acceptable by our standards.

Please contact us immediately so we can resolve these issues for future events – [email protected]

Sincerely,The Moonrise Team

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