Californians may be a little too familiar with the term fifty one fifty. It’s used to detained a person involuntarily when they’ve been reported as clinically insane or perhaps will knowingly self-inflict bodily harm to themselves or others. Singer and songwriter Dirty Chime has gone and flipped the term into a song that does a deep dive into relationships that deteriorate because your significant other might be a little ‘crazy’. Or perhaps, maybe you were the crazy one after all?

“Lovers call each other crazy all the time. But what if you’re actually crazy? And were you crazy to begin with, or did something drive you into the madness? Fifty One Fifty is meant to be an exploration of insanity, both fancied and real.”

The LA-based musician is no stranger to the world of EDM. He’s opened for the legendary Bingo Players and his projects have garnered support for plenty of DJs, dance music press, and you can hear his music in other art projects as well. This latest release is aimed at taking an artistic approach to interpret human psychology and mental health.

Listen to ‘Fifty One Fifty’ down below!

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