Annamay has had quite the eventful year. She released her debut album ‘Fuck You’ properly titled for her badass attitude that navigates the world around us. Her album is composed of 10 track and makes a huge statement as a woman in a man dominated music industry that beginning to change. All her happenings in music does not completely consumer her life, she brought a child into the world during all the madness behind producing music.

“My biggest music achievement is my first 3 singles, my debut album that’s just out now, and managing making them and at the same time working as an engineer on an expert level in infrastructure and during this time bringing my lovely child to this earth. I’m proud of being a driven woman, in a man’s world, with all that comes with it. Not saying it’s been easy, but I’m never given up, nor should you, don’t matter where you’re from or who you are. We are all the same but unique and it’s time to really cherish one another.”

One track from her debut entitled ‘Grab The Moon’ was one that professed encouragement and achieving your dreams. Nearly all her music shares similar themes, and this received the royal treatment by the way of a standout remix from Jespère , who provides a dancing element to the single. We hope this track encourages to live life to the fullest with what little time we have on earth.

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