About 2 hours into the day and several people (us included) have already played Skrillex’s new two track EP more than 7 times. We came to a hard fought conclusion about the meaning of the EP’s title after that two hours: Show Tracks is an EP of tracks Skrillex made for his shows.

All joking aside, the cool thing about this new brief EP is the way Skrillex framed the songs before putting the first of several releases out. On Twitter, he said he’d be pumping out “DJ Tools” that is, music he made specifically for the monstrous run of festival stops this year. Both of the two releases reflect the relentless energy he’s been known to bring to DJ sets for years. Fuji Opener, a collaboration with Alvin Risk, boasts a plethora of hard hitting basslines and elegant melodies working well in tandem, with an eclectic sequence of drum sounds to keep the party going. The second of the two tracks “Mumbai Power” with Beam, is more akin to the OWSLA boss’s more groovy side, boasting a consistently chill vibe for an arena of thousands to enjoy.

Skrillex has been contributing to the careers of several artists by giving his own spin on their styles over the last year. As awesome as it ahas been to hear his influence in the music world, this new EP feels like Skrillex at his core, as it employs his signature musical approach to new and exciting sounds. The beautiful thing about this release is that it only opens the floodgates to more. While the dates of the several other mysterious IDs aren’t in the public eye yet, anyone who’s made it out to his sets knows they’re coming sooner than later. We don’t know exactly for how long, but it’s clear the Skrillex we know and love is back for a while.

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