“No Gary, no ship,” read several signs at several shows over the course of last year…and those with that message meant it. Gary Richards leaving the Holy Ship experience & HARD brand was a blow for several people who joined simply because of him. Today’s news may bring a big smile to your face, though: Richards just announced a brand new cruise experience called “Friend Ship” that will be in the works with his new employer Lifestyle entertainment.

Richards disclosed that he is working on a new brand of his own in LA, and yes, it will include festivals and music cruises. The theme of his new brand is “friendship,” and comes to life in his 2018 tour “Let’s Be Friends.” He recently played New York City’s Output, where he was joined by Busta Rhymes, who worked through some of his most iconic hits. Dancing Astronaut reports that Richards took to the mic and announced this new music cruise would be dubbed the “Friend Ship.” We’ll have to wait to see if that gets confirmation; Billboard Dance has reached out to Richard’s camp for additional comment.

We’re very excited to see what will surface on socials to detail this new cruise and know that the ShipFam that rode with him before will make a rather quick migration to this new experience.

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