Gary Richard’s final departure from HARD was heard far and wide in the dance music industry, considering his identity was synonymous with the LA rave brand. The speculation behind his next move was widespread and consisted of rumors that he would be taking a big seat in SFX’s new company LiveStyle. Following Robert Sillerman’s departure from the company, former AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips took over to help fix the mess of the company’s previous owner. Part of this big fix is Richards, who’s latest tweet effectively announced his new allegiance:

This picture is indeed of Electric Zoo’s MainStage, and following this, he confirmed that he’s, in fact, one of the men in charge of this festival and many others including Made in Color and Mysteryland USA. The scope of his involvement is to come but probably can’t be revealed right now, considering he even had to take down the tweet confirming he was a part of the company. News that further explains Richards’ role in the company is to come.


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