Today’s the first day of the world’s biggest Trance festival, Dreamstate. Quite literally, every act is worth your time. That being said, here are some recommendations we think are absolutely crucial to check out. Listen to their music above on your road trip to NOS and let us know who you’re stoked to see on Twitter @GlobalDanceGDE.


Genix – Day II, The Dream, 7-8PM

Genix is blowing up more than ever these days because of his newfound balance of Trance and Techno. The Anjunabeats veteran applies his stylings to several artists’ work including No Mana, The Space Brothers and Tranquillity Base. He will be mixing the label’s latest Worldwide Mixcompilation, so expect several unreleased tracks from that album in his set. No matter where you’re going at 8, Genix’s distinct style is the perfect way to pump yourself up for any variant of Trance. 

Key 4050 – Day I, The Vision, 10-11PM

John O’Callaghan and Bryan Kearney’s collaborative effort has lit the trance scene on fire since 2015. While their individual talents are strong on their own, the two producers are a force of nature together on stage. Dreamstate 2017 was the debut of their live show, given with the amount of life from their VJ Richard De Souza. Though it’s only been a few years since the two have released music, their collaborative spirit has been alive for more than a decade.

This has easily lead to an impressive discography rich in instrumental masterpieces like Prometheus and Equinox. The pair’s single with Plumb I Love You garnered a load of airtime on A State of Trance, demonstrating their versatility. The pair’s unique and prosperous relationship with this festival’s ecosystem will make for an unforgettable performance and likely a storm of music we haven’t heard yet. That’s reason enough to head to The Vision come primetime. 

Above & Beyond – Day II, The Dream, 11PM-1AM

With the release of their latest single Another Angel today, Above & Beyond show how far their Trance inspired melodic sound can stretch the boundaries of Dance Music. It features a chest-rattling bassline in the breakdown of the song influenced by classic Drum n Bass techniques. This dark vibe from the song appropriately continues the story of their 2011 single On My Way To Heaven.

Beyond that, the trio have expertly balanced their new style and elements from the old sound that granted them the headlining status they have today. Their two hour set near the tail end of the weekend should feature a plethora of the best new music out of their label Anjunabeats. It’s likely they’ll break out the serene new takes on their classics like Clear Blue Water and Surrender as well.

Fables – Day II, The Vision, 8-9PM

Dan Stone and Ferry Tayle make some of the most bliss-inducing Uplifting Trance in the scene. On their own, they’ve released numerous tracks on Aly & Fila’s Future Sound of Egypt label. They even created a new branch of the imprint called Fables, which they will be presenting at the fest. Their radio show of the same name spans over 100 episodes, spreading the uplifting Trance sound worldwide. Starting Day two with Fables will easily injust euphoria to your rave day. 

Ace Ventura – Day I, The Sequence, 8-9PM

High octane basslines and alien-like melodies are what Ace Ventura thrives on. Since DJ’ing in the early ’90s with DJ Goblin as PsySex, the Israeli DJ has stayed true to form. Thanks to this, he’s highly responsible for the boom in today’s rapidly spreading Psytrance atmosphere. In 2007 he released his first album Rebirth which won the Beatport award in the Psytrance category in 2007. One listen to his latest single Hello? and you’ll understand why The Sequence is the move when night falls at the NOS today.

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