A dangerous shooting occurred this weekend at another party in DTLA this weekend. Six are currently injured, one critically, due to a fight that broke out of control at the venue on 11th and central. The gunfire caused an evacuation from the venue and all nearby to evacuate. This is the second of two shootings this week, with the other about three blocks away from Exchange LA. Details of the assailant and victims are developing, as well as the reasoning behind the incident.

Less than 24 hours earlier, four people were injured when a man fired at a crowd outside another downtown Los Angeles party after a fight broke out early Saturday morning at 833 S. Spring Street, about half a mile away from Sunday’s shooting.

Even though this was an underground Hip-Hop event this might shine light on all the underground techno warehouse parties around downtown Los Angeles causing them to relocate elsewhere in fear of being shut down by police every other time a party is being thrown.


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