The biggest new event that’s set to take place this year is the inaugural Excision (also known by fans and friends as Jeff Abel)-curated show, Lost Lands. With a concentrated mass of headbangers set to attend, we’d say history is about to be made in America’s Bass scene. Abel’s newest prospect was made possible by years of building a community of those who love the harder sounds of Dance music through his own Excision Monicker, his Bass Band Destroyed, and all of the artists he supports and signs on his label Rottun Records. All things considered, his chosen venue can only be called Legend Valley.

Abel took to an Instagram story to show off the venue itself, and it looks incredibly peaceful during the day. Wide open spaces and beautifully sunlit sky makes for a great palette for production designers to go wild with prehistoric, gnarly setups. Of course, there’s also room for the legendary sound system that Excision is famous for touring with. All in all, we know this is about to be an intense outing.

Check out the preview below and book your trip out to Legend Valley, Ohio if you haven’t already; the event takes place September 29-October 1.

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