Not to hype you on the hype behind a hype-filled announcement, but Rotella took to Instagram over the weekend to talk once again about the big changes that are coming up to the festival. He says he’s done a lot of thinking about these changes, and there will be a special announcement that’s “worth the wait!”.

“I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about EDC Vegas, and I’ll be making a special announcement about some big changes soon. I promise it will be worth the wait! #EDCLV2018”

The last few months people have been scrambling trying to figure out what this big “EDC change” could be? Some were speculating it has something to do with the shuttles as one big issue people had at this years EDC Vegas was Insomniac monopolizing the shuttle services by banning outside companies, resulting in the longest shuttle wait times ever. Rumors were also spreading fast that Insomniac could extend EDC to two weekends to cap each weekend at a certain capacity to level out traffic, crowds, lines, and easier access to the medical team, but Rotella quickly shut down those rumors on the last live session. Another possibility is even relocating the event to a camping venue, but EDC has become a part of Las Vegas family over the last few years so we don’t see it moving venues anytime soon.

Multiple changes could occur for EDC Vegas but whatever this major change could be it definitely has us on our toes. So keep it locked on GDE for further EDC 2018 updates.

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