The Do Lab is asking their fans to come together and help preserve the future of their marquee Lightning in a Bottle festival via a new GoFundMe page. They plan on raising $250,000 to keep the festival alive for future years.

Following an unprecedented loss in funds due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, the company had to dace the reality that a large sum of ticket money they received was spent for an event that would not take place. Their initial offer to give fans tickets for next year was met with sizable pushback from fans who wanted their money back.

“We’ve decided that whatever happens, we need to make sure that our community is supported in this time and that we honor and respect all of you in doing what is right,” the DoLab stated on their website. “We have laid out a plan for our ticket purchasers to opt into a refund pool, transfer their tickets to either 2021 or 2022 and even gift their LIB purchase to the event to help offset some of the burdens that we face on the road ahead. This plan, however, leaves us in a very tight spot as we work towards collecting enough funds to cover the mounting financial challenges ahead of us.”

The festival posted a video recalling the last two decades of the festival’s best moments. At the time of this post, they have already raised over $30,000. You can donate yourself via their page, HERE.

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