Six years is a long while when you think about an artist who’s work goes above all expectations, so any small tidbits on new work will be latched onto for dear life. One such story is that of Gorillaz, who may or may not have Chicago’s Vic Mensa on the album promised to us later this year. Instagram reveals all; Remi Kabaka(AKA Russel Hobbs) did the good ol’ pic tag and un-tag of the rapper in the studio. An appearance from the lyricist wouldn’t be unlikely, and we can only imagine the magic that would come from a pairing like this.

“Once I saw Vic Mensa on a list of rappers from Chicago and I remembered him talking about wanting to work with Damon after he performed Clint Eastwood live with The Heavy Seas on Damon’s Everyday Robots tour, I knew it had to be him.”

Stay tuned for more info (big and small) and more importantly, previews from the album.

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