At the age many settle down for good and send their kids off to college, Tiesto is a globetrotting champion of EDM. The inner fuel that carried him through 500 episodes of his Club Life podcast brought him to GQ Magazine, where he gave a full-length interview on the passion he carried since he was a “little baby.” For him, partying too hard for your profession has gone by the wayside, the sage advice he offers being useful in a time a DJ’s career is a topic of conversation:

“[Managing travel and partying] like with anything in life. If you can learn how to pace yourself, the lifestyle is not that hard. There’s a lot of temptations out there. What I learned is: enough is enough. Sometimes you drink too much, you know the next day you’re going to pay for it, so you try to hold back a little bit. It’s very challenging in our world because there’s always parties.”

He goes on to talk about the evolution of the role of the DJ, the beauty of an extended set, and if the whole life he’s lived even seems real. Read the full article on GQ.

“A great DJ can adjust to a room. Every room is different. The timing of when you play which record is something you can’t really learn. You either have it or you don’t. And you have to get the crowd going with tracks they don’t know. A lot of DJs, they go for the guaranteed-success big tracks, and that’s what everyone plays. If you have a couple of tracks out there and you know the crowds have never heard before, and you can still get them to go crazy, then you’re a really good DJ.”

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