Mesmi gives a very deep dive into her life in her album, ‘Slow Bloom’. Taking on issues of identity, being a woman of color, and relationships, it is a very intimate look into big issues we’re tackling in society today. You’ll hear ‘Orchestrate’ come in as track #2 on the ‘Slow Bloom’ that offers listeners a sensual take on what Mesmi brings to the table. A slow jam that really shows off her talents as a vocalist. As your ears pick apart the lyrics in ‘Orchestrate’ you’ll find a part of Mesmi struggling to fit a mold that people what her be. A powerful message on how our own perception of ourselves can be twisted or stripped away by others.

The ‘Slow Bloom’ album is indicative of the tempos as well. In today’s music circuit, where we seem to consume fast beats and cheesy, uplifting vocals, Mesmi sets it straight with her slower jams that build into a beautiful LP. The album is a snapshot of Mesmi’s journey of woman, living in the USA with Asian culture and immigrant heritage.

“Don’t get me wrong — I’ve always been proud of being female, and of my Asianheritage. But the culture was different. Things like positivity, realconversation, free expression, room for risk and mistakes… that just did not exist. Andas a woman, safety is an issue written in my bones. It can take a lot of time, a certainamount of roadway, to realize how deeply these factors shape and dictate you.”

We think she’s well on her way to becoming a great, rising star.

Check out ‘Orchestrate’ down below!

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