‘Go Crazy’ is hot single off Eito’s forthcoming EP, ‘While You Were Sleeping’. It’s a hard-hitting single with a lot of attitude as Eito showcases his mark on the trap and hip hop circuit. He touts a big game with an outrageous lifestyle, citing the mushrooms remark that chimes in just past the 1:30 mark. Overall, the production displays a solid lo-fi hip-hop rhythm you just want to blast in the car.

“I really seek to create music that is anti-disposable and stands the test of time, I sweat the details, but I know the most important thing is to communicate emotion.”

Now based in Pittsburgh, Eito’s upbringing can be seen as what most contributed to the creation of his music. In and our of group/foster homes, Eito has always had to maintain a go-getter attitude that you find a lot throughout his lyrics and music. Drawing from punk, house music and hip-hop, Eito has curated a unique sound, while championing his lyricism from rap battles to the productions you hear today.

Check out ‘Go Crazy’ down below!

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