Frank Cogliano’s ‘Computers of the World’ LP is a collection of sounds and some ideas that capture a type of ambiance similar to that of Tycho, Boards of Canada, and Aphex Twins. There’s abstract, there’s groove, there’s depth in the short audio clips that showcase Cogliano’s abilities of a music producer. Beyond the sonic scope, Frank also dives into the visual aspects of the album, providing almost every song its own visualizers that comprise of looped clips with acidic and trippy visual distortions. The album itself is genre-less, much to Frank Cogliano’s passion to keep things fresh, not boring.

“I wrote this album in the weeks leading up to the lockdown in New York City in January – February 2020. The last moments before the world had changed. And I was thinking about my early years recording on  4 track Tascam and a Yamaha keyboard and a Squier Strat, and thinking about that time, when consumer computers and dial up internet were shaping and about to change the world. So I am digesting all of this nostalgia and finding sounds from old VHS recordings and experimenting with video art on an old Sony TV with an analog video synth and I came up with this album.”

Frank Cogliano has had years of experience in the business. As TV and Film composer with music on HBO, Showtime, and many other productions, it’s safe to say that you’ve already heard some of his music in your favorite TV shows.

Check out ‘Computers of the World’ down below!

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