Social conscious rapper from the UK, Faron Sage, is here to drop a little truth in today’s rap game. His lyrics question the global state of affairs. The world’s been ravaged by a global pandemic, countless of wars rage across the globe, and on top of that our so-called politicians seem to lead us aimlessly. ‘Head or Tail’ takes on the sad state of affairs with an out of this world hip hop beat with Faron Sage at the helm spitting his truth.

“How do make head or tail of what’s going on when what’s going on is a tale of too many heads going on and on and on.” 

Faron Sage aims to make revolutionary statements through rap music. We’re sure more is to come from the rising star. ‘Head or Tail’ makes the listener questions reality and we’re sure there will be follow-up tracks that provide the solutions. Music is the answer!

Check out ‘Head or Tail’ down below!

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