Vince Staples has dropped the mother of all collabs, unleashing a musical team-up with a bunch of modern all-stars including Flume, Kučka & Kendrick Lamar.

Dubbed ‘Yeah Right’, the ‘tude-drenched track plays out like a musical relay, with Staples kicking off the first lap by introducing us to the ’90s hip-hop-inspired “Yeah Right” hook, before passing the baton to Kučka (AKA Laura Jane Lowther) for some melodic electro-pop stylings, then to Kendrick who busts a fiery verse which could’ve been lifted straight off DAMN, before Staples ultimately returns to carry it all over the finish line.

Aussie producer Flume meanwhile is like a coach standing on the sidelines, yelling motivational affirmations the entire time, tying the song together with his trademark stylishly bombastic production.

The tune also features production from UK producer SOPHIE (real name Samuel Long) and appears on Staples’ new LP Big Fish Theory, which is out today.

Flume, Vince Staples and Kučka previously collaborated on ‘Smoke & Retribution’, which appeared on Flume’s 2016 album Skin, but Staples and Lamar haven’t worked together before so needless to say this is KIND OF A BIG DEAL.


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