We’re still reeling from RL Grime’s announcement of his new album Nova. The producer just dropped a cheeky mashup of his one of his newest tracks Aurora with the vocals of Flume’s smash hit “Never Be like you.” Now here’s the question: amongst all his insane origins works, why would he insert a mashup in the mix?

Sources speculate that RL is working with Flume on a totally new track. The former artist sat down with Triple J for an interview and had this to say:

“I’ve been good friends with him for a long time, four, five years now. I hope we do something together soon. He just moved to L.A. and we’ve been chatting a bunch about working together, so hopefully.”

RL’s nova tour Phase II is gearing up to make the Fall amazing in several cities from Reno to Los Angeles. You can get tickets on RL’s site and gear up to possibly hear these originals for the first time.

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