Ever dream of three heavyweight electronic tastemakers meeting by happenstance and playing music together? Well, the folks at Insomniac HQ made a decision to just kinda make that happen at their 21st EDC over at their Kinetic GAIA stage. A favorite from last year Allison Wonderland, established legend Jauz and Diplo, who’s placement on the lineup this year means whatever beef caused by his Diss of the mainstage last year on was squashed…that, or the squabble between him and Pasquale Rotella was all in good fun in the first place.

The set itself takes several exciting turns as you’d expect from a triple back to back, incorporating originals and remixes from all three as well as tracks from Malaa, Mavado and a Three Six Mafia throwback of all things. Jauz got his chance to get a little emotional on the mic, and pretty much every second of the way you can hear a chunk of fans losing their minds.

Check out the full mix below, with tracklist provided by 1001 tracklists here.

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