Who doesn’t love getting a bacon wrapped hot dog after the club or any rave? ABC7 news are reporting as of today (December 12th) The Los Angeles City Council are to consider a “proposed legalization and regulation of street vending” at a hearing.

For those who did not know, yes these are illegal to sell on any street corner or at an event, which is why you see the hot dog vendors constantly trying to dodge the police of fear of getting a ticket, or worse, their cart. Hundreds of people support their families by selling hot dogs or fruit in the street so we’re all in favor of this proposal. Hopefully everything works out in their favor cause we sure love buying a an LA dog after the club.

“The sale of hot dogs, fruit, toys and other goods on sidewalks is currently a misdemeanor offense in the city, where some business-improvement districts have targeted cart-pushing vendors.

A city council committee is set to vote on a regulated sidewalk-vending permit system with some requirements, in the latest development of a three-year process.

There has been an aggressive push to change some municipal laws in Los Angeles following President-elect Donald Trump’s victory on Nov. 8., in light of his remarks on immigration during the campaign.

The L.A. Street Vendor Campaign, a coalition of 65 organizations and 400 local businesses, has scheduled a morning press conference to discuss the matter.

Other cities have issued permits similar to the one proposed in Los Angeles.”

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