Signatures are piling up to support a legislative proposal that your Grandparents may think is absurd: the legalization of hallucinogenic mushrooms. To be specific, this legislation would decriminalize the growth of mushrooms containing psilocybin by anyone 21 or older. Furthermore, the law would allow these individuals to possess, transport, and sell their mushrooms.

The bill was proposed by Kevin Saunders, a former mayoral candidate who used psilocybin to shake off a heroin addiction. He believes that magic mushrooms, a drug that is quite literally on the opposite end of the toxicity spectrum as the latter drug, should not be classified as a substance with virtually zero medical benefit. On the contrary, a newly published scientific study last month revealed that many patients treated with it experienced a reduction of depressive symptoms after five weeks.

The passing of the bill would mean California would be the first state to fully legalize mushrooms. This would be a pivotal step in the battle against the ever-present stigma against magic mushrooms that exists in the U.S. This can also open the door to a resource for treatment that many may need, though self-medication is not encouraged by…well, anybody.

Do you think shrooms should be legal? Would recreational use get out of hand at shows? (hint: we don’t think so.) Tweet us your thoughts @GlobalDanceElec.


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