Why anyone thought Hip-Hop icon Ice Cube wouldn’t be encouraged to perform his number one hit with N.W.A. “Fuck tha Police” is beyond us. Regardless, the Coachella veteran did a solid to the TMZ reporter smack in his face and responded to the question of whether or not he would be sensitive to recent issues in the media regarding violence against cops.

“I ain’t gon’ change nothin’ I do…cuz I didn’t do nothin’ wrong.” With that, Ice Cube continued about his business in baggage claim, having proven his vigilance as an artist. While the violent message of the song is present, the resonant takeaway of resisting police brutality is needed in this time of tension between unruly law enforcement officials and those many names we remember who fell victim to their actions.

Ice Cube will be playing HARD Summer 2016 next weekend (July 30th), and WILL bring out MC Ren and DJ Yella of the NWA out with him.


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