On the heels of his latest Beyond Wonderland, Pasquale Rotella announced two huge pieces of news for anyone trying to go to EDC Las Vegas in 2022. When tickets go on sale, anyone who purchases a pass will have complimentary admission for any insomniac event next year.

Below the message, he details the several eligible events you can use your insomniac token on. The festivals are normally announced at a slower pace, so this is great news for anyone who may not be able to buy tickets but wants to plan out their future vacation.

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for joining us under the electric sky in 2021. I know it’s been a rough couple of years getting to this point, but I’m excited to know we’ll all be reunited once again on the dance floor & celebrating 25 years of EDC in October!” Pasquale Rotella said. “In appreciation for sticking with us on this journey, I wanted to do something special if you’re able to join us at EDC Las Vegas 2022 as well.”

Tickets for EDC Las Vegas 2021 are now on sale. For those who had concerns about already owning a ticket, you’ve been heard too. Check your email for a message about your situation.


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