Nocturnal Wonderland will be spending it’s 25th year on Insomniac’s livestream channels. On September 18th and 19th starting at 6pm PST, Pasquale Rotella and the other nocturnal creatures of the night will be hosting this virtual rave-a-thon. This year’s Nocturnal has been on a real journey this year.

Back in February the fate of Nocturnal was already at a crossroads. Pasquale was transparent with ravers and in the State of Insomniac yearly update, he proposed a question to headliners. Glen Helen wanted to host and deliver to fans the 2020 festival however, was not going to be able to deliver the same level of expectation that fans were accustomed to. So the question being, would headliners prefer to skip this year’s festival or still return to Glen Helen in 2020 despite the setbacks? Looks like option three is what we got, virtual rave due to COVID-19. Looks like the location for Nocturnal Wonderland’s new home will remain a mystery for a while longer as we focus on getting through this COVID ran the world. Let’s still celebrate this year’s Nocturnal Wonderland and bring this trip home.

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